Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve: Buy A Poppy

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It’s a little over a year since I joined Tradespace and this wonderfully inspired blogging challenge has reminded me of one of the reasons I so enjoyed the early days on here, because of the sense of community that existed between some of the regulars. It’s been sadly lacking in the last few months (and I’m guilty of having largely abandoned the lounge for the new dining room on Twitter!), but it has been really enjoyable to be involved with the crowd again and I have to say a huge thanks to Sarah Arrow of Arrow Light Haulage for creating the opportunity for us all to network again.


And on the subject of Community, what a powerful and effective tool the likes of Twitter and Facebook et al have become for highlighting the efforts of so many charitable causes who do so much to help people in need. This is my plug for the one that at this time of year should always be at the top of our minds, The Poppy Appeal. E very single person in the UK should wear a poppy – we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who have served for us in the past and present – and as another great new friend that I’ve met on Twitter recently put it, it’s not just about the older veterans, it’s about those serving around the World in recent conflicts and who will carry on doing so at such great personal cost.


So make sure you wear your heart on your sleeve in support of them all – and pay generously for your Poppy.


Have a great day!