Kitchen Storage For A Tight Situation

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Pull Out Units for 150mm Cabinets

Pull Out Units for 150mm Cabinets

Maximising your kitchen storage space is something of a skill – and eeking the absolute most from a small space is a real trick. So we’re delighted to announce a series of new products that offer you pull out storage in a space as narrow as 150mm.

These three new narrow pull out storage units give you a storage mechanism – either racks for groceries, like spices, jars etc., hanging rails for kitchen tea towels, or racks for larger items like flat baking sheets.

The units come complete with runners and fixings (but not the door) so that you can fit them into a narrow space up to 150mm wide.

You often find with a fitted kitchen that you’ll end up with a narrow space perhaps next to an appliance like a cooker which gets filled with a fixed blank panel, effectively wasting the space behind it. With these handy units, you can use that space to maximum advantage.

Innovative storage options from, include a wide range of units, like magic corners, carousels and kitchen drawer inserts – products designed to help you make the most of the room at the heart of your home.